1. I took Bumi’s advice and frankly I don’t understand why they didn’t go for this option. Who wouldn’t want to join the fabulous Air Nation? Tenzin covered in sequins beats airbending street performance any day.

    Although there’s a good chance that Tenzin would’ve been an even stricter teacher when being forced to wear this… Ehehehehe…


  2. Attention my dear followers!

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  3. The Elements.
    I finished the cycle, and put them together. Having this printed to hang it up in my new room :D Just curious, would any of you be interested in buying this, or any of my other work, as a print?

  4. Remember that time Zuko faced off with Azula in one of the most epic bending battles in ever?

    He was in TLOK, so it counts.

  5. Let go, Korra.

  6. Remember that time Lin was there to save the airbenders and then lost her bending?

    This one’s meant to go with this painting.

  7. I made a process GIF of my painting. I took a screenshot and painted it all over, extending and cutting the canvas and resolution as I went on. It was a very messy process. I find it kind of amusing that I ended up with the precise same composition as I started off with :D

  8. Brave soldier boy

    Comes marching home

  9. Presented without comment.

  10. you can actually see the pixels. Vintage or sloppy? Who knows?